Dr. Bisanti offers alternative care to help with your pain, thus avoiding harmful opioids. Pain Relief without dangerous opioids.

Opioids Alternative Treatment

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The Opioid crisis has become a serious problem in America.  Too many people are becoming addicted.  Families are being torn apart.  Professional men and women that previously lived an impeccable, healthy life are becoming addicts.  Their losing their jobs, losing their families and unfortunately many are even losing their lives due to accidental overdoses.  Many of the victims of the ill effects of these drugs are innocent people who simply, in most cases develop an injury or illness which results in unbearable pain.  This in turn, leads them to turn to opioids for pain relief and then unexpectedly become addicted.  Once addicted, they eventually get cut off by their Medical Doctor, who will eventually stop prescribing opioids.  Unfortunately, once these people become addicted, they can't simply stop this addiction and find themselves turning to the street to buy either Heroin or illegally obtained opioids.   This scenario rarely results in a positive outcome.

Dr. Bisanti's belief and experience is focused on treating pain in a way that avoids such a dangerous scenario that can occur when using opioids.  He utilizes many advanced technologies as well as hands on treatment including chiropractic manipulation, stretching and trigger point therapy to name a few.  Of course, before treating your pain, a proper evaluation is performed to determine what is the cause or origin of your pain so that Dr. Bisanti can best prescribe the treatment plan for you.

The following link is a study that was conducted by Yale University, explaining how Chiropractic treatment is contributing to a 50% reduction in Opioid prescriptions in the United States.  This is a great study that I believe everyone should read!

YALE STUDY LINK:     https://www.ilovemychiropracto...

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